How to Attract New Patients with Unique Chiropractic Business Cards

A business card is more than just a business card, it’s a representation of you, your practice and most importantly your brand as a chiropractor. Many people don’t know, or may not even understand the importance of a brand, how to build one and how to properly introduce or reiterate it to your audience. Your brand is the essence of who you are in your industry, shows what you value and helps set you apart from your competitors.

It may sound complex, but fortunately, there are various tangible marketing materials that can contribute to the growth of your practice, business and brand that can be created within a few clicks of a button thanks to American Business Cards easy-to-use online process.

American Business Card is one of the few great chiropractic websites that offers the most unique, professional and eye-catching designs for chiropractic business cards, guaranteed. If you can’t find a design that suits your style, we can also create one from scratch that fits your needs and style more properly/specifically. As industry experts and obtaining years of experience in providing services for chiropractors and more healthcare industry professionals, we understand the difficulty of properly showing your value. Especially because chiropractic work isn’t something you can measure or physically see or touch.

Networking has become more important than ever. The way you represent yourself is crucial as it’s one of the few ways to attract new patients or pretty much anything you want in life. Your business cards help do just that by showing the value of your service with the message and design displayed. It’s time to introduce yourself to new patients and give your practice a voice it’s proud of. Whether you are just starting out in your chiropractic journey or if you consider yourself “old school” and rely on word of mouth but lately your waiting room has been slightly more empty than usual, unique chiropractic business cards are the honey to your bees.

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How to Make Your Practice More Attractive With Unique Business Cards:

  • The message you put on your business card is just as important as the way your card visually presents itself. Many chiropractors use the back of the card for appointment reminders; American Business Card suggests you use a seperate card for that. It’s good to have both as each is useful in different situations.


  • The layout of the card should be somewhat strategic but it is definitely subjective. ABC gives you the option to decide how you want to format yours or gives you guidelines to follow. 


  • If you’re wondering about size, then the standard business card size is the best way to go. It fits perfectly in someone's pocket or wallet without getting lost or being too big.


  • The actual message itself should be short and straight to the point, such as your practices tagline, slogan, mission, services, your competitive advantages, etc. We recommend no longer than 50 words.


  • Your contact info should include your name, your practice name, the address of your practice, any phone numbers correlated to your business, your chiropractic email, and website.


  • This information should be easy to read and locate. Use simple fonts and colors, as the contact info is not something you want your audience to miss.


  • The visuals on your business card should represent what you do/who you are as a chiropractor. It should be eye-catching, impressive and speak volume about the value of the services you provide. Pro tip: try rose gold foiled business cards. It’s definitely a show stopper.


  • Adding an image such as an animation that represents your practice is always a good idea. Visuals tend to speak louder than words with most people.


  • If you have the ability to design your own visuals then that is awesome! If not, not to worry, American Business Card has you covered with industry specific images.


  • Any of our unique chiropractic business cards can be foiled, embossed, metallic and printed on standard or premium paper for that extra pop.


Time to attract a whole new audience. Get business cards that are aligned with your practice.

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