Business Cards

How do I pick a business card layout?

A large number of businesses that have general brand influence focus on innovating in every aspect that is related to your company's brand identity. The tools necessary for structuring innovative designs depend on the variations that exist in each brand and target audience.

What sizes of business card do you offer?

Standard size is 2.5”x3”. There is no perfect size of business cards, since everything will vary depending on the type of business, the impact it is intended to achieve, the design that is planned, etc. There are many sizes, and also at XYZ we offer the opportunity to our clients to choose a custom size, depending on their needs.

Do you offer different business card shapes?

We offer you the opportunity to be the one to decide which is the perfect shape for your business card, becoming a designer for a day, transferring the idea you have in mind for us to carry it out.

How thick is a business card?

If you want to increase the quality of your card, you can choose a 300-gram paper with the option of selective varnish on one side without plasticizing, or a 350-gram paper also with the option of selective varnish, and with laminate.

Can I make my business card rounded?

You can have a card tailored to your needs, meaning you’ll be able to choose whether or not you want your card to be round in shape.

How do i organize business cards?

It is important for us to highlight the importance of the design of a business card, since if it does not transmit an adequate image, it could have a negative impact and set aside potential customers, ending all the advantages they offer.

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Your card says a lot about you. American Business Card makes it easy to create an attractive and professional business card that fits your brand. While the majority of our clients order dental business cards, our team enjoys working on eye-catching business cards for every business, company, and industry. 

Endless Options To Choose From

Use any of our pre-made templates or create a unique, custom business card. Hundreds of shapes, sizes, and other options to choose from. American Business Card has something for everyone.

Dental business cards

Foiled & Embossed Business Cards

Silver, Copper, Gold, or Rose Gold Foiled Business Cards


Embossed & Foiled Card Magnets

Business Card Magnets (Foiled & Embossed)

Take Your Business to the Next Level With Embossed & Foiled Card Magnets


business card magnets

Business Card Magnets

Browse ABC's wide selection of business card magnets. Ready dental designs, chiropractic designs, and more. Have a design in mind? Customize your own.

Business Stationery

Business Card Calendar Magnets, Folders, Envelopes, and Other Stationery

Your business identity is displayed through hundreds of small details. Your business stationery should represent your company’s distinct image and brand. Whether you're searching for the perfect business card calendar magnet or a letterhead to match your envelopes, let us help you create business stationery that represents you well.

 Affordable and expertly crafted. Quality stationery for all your needs.

  • Law office letterhead 
  • Doctor's office greeting card
  • Dental poster maker
  • And many more options




These letterhead examples are sure to inspire you to start customizing yours.

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Push the envelope a little harder with personalization. Order envelopes with logo, business name, & more.

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders: The Perfect Final Touch to Any Project



Calendar Magnets

Calendar Magnets

Custom Calendar with Magnets - Market your business with tools that are guaranteed to stick.


Marketing Materials

Brilliant marketing ideas deserve to be presented beautifully. Whether you're searching for a dental poster maker or a place to design presentation folders, American Business Card can help turn your vsion to a reality. Easily design your advertising and marketing material to impress your audience.

Promote your business or event with high-quality marketing material. American Business Card has a wide variety of designs to choose from or customize your own.

Rated one of the top dental office supply companies.

flyers maker


Affordable and High-Quality Flyers Maker and Printer


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Design and Customize Postcards to Print

Tri-fold Brochures

Tri-fold Brochures

How to Make Tri Fold Brochure That Will Draw Attention


Custom Gel Sanitizer 1 oz

Custom Gel Sanitizer 1 oz

Made in the USA, our one ounce hand sanitizer gel includes your logo in full color on each bottle. Eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria in 15 seconds. New and improved formula now 70% ethyl alcohol sanitizer gel. 

Reusable Stretch Face Mask

Reusable Stretch Face Mask